We Generate Qualified Leads Who Are Interested In Learning More About Solar.

 We have multiple clients who've sold over $100m 100% off our leads.

(We're legit.)

Solar Cheat Code is invitation only.  To apply, follow the steps below.

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"I made $35k commission last week."
"So far out of the 200 leads I've sat 31 appointments and closed 13 sales in the first 3 weeks."
-Alex Rey
For Energy
"I have been chasing leads for 30 years. This is the absolute real deal. We were on pace for $12 million when I started it in June and will finish the year over $19 million. I just turned my call center into 27 floor stations from 10 floor stations for 2021. We are now in 8 markets up from 3 and moving into 9 more markets in the first quarter. I could not have realized this much growth this fast without Cheat code."
-Chris Cole
Design 1 Group

Need Proof?

What's Included?
  • Emerging Markets Mastermind: Live weekly zoom calls to EXPOSE the key metrics behind the most PROFITABLE up and coming markets BEFORE the herd moves.
  • Call Breakdowns: Continuous and hands-on training for setters/closers. Find out EXACTLY what is or isn't working in your  setting/closing scripts.
  • ​​Live Weekly Sales Clinics: Continuous and hands-on training delivering the most effective strategies on converting more leads into sales.  
  • ​Live Weekly Pipeline Clinics: Continuous and hands-on training for CRM & Pipeline conversion optimization.
  • Access To ​Private Facebook Community: You'll never be short on money, success, or scale, if you're not short on people.
  • Funnels, Ads, Targeting, Automation: Own the marketing funnel responsible for over One Billion Dollars in solar sales.
meet the master 
Bill Murphy
I joined the solar industry in 2014.   Since then I've  had the pleasure of working with many of you, and I look forward to working with many more in the future! 

In my experience, there's always been a disconnect between homeowners and solar marketing which has to be closed by the sales person.  And although we may never completely fill that gap, our unique and compelling style of lead generation and appointment setting will increase your sale rate from online traffic. 

Over 1,000 solar reps and business owners have been where you are now.  They felt the uncertainty you're feeling.  

"Will it work for me?"

"Can I even do this?"

The resounding answer is YES...

Even if you're new....Even if you're not "tech savvy"

Because let's face it, in solar? The biggest risk of all is doing nothing.

Join me in discovering your TRUE potential in this industry, just like everyone below 👇
"I thought it was silly.  The first month I made $60,000."
CEO SolarBuddy
"I made 12 million, you can decide what you do with it."
CEO Power Of Our Sun
"It's crazy!"
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